In Toulouse, a Festival to Discover the World of Puppets

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The Marionnettissimo festival gives acclaim to puppet shows in Toulouse

Marionnettissimo, they are five days to delve into the fascinating magic of marionnettiques arts, from Tuesday 21st to Sunday 26th November, 2017, in Toulouse and its surroundings.

Marionnettissimo  is more than a festival, it is also a militant and committed association working for 27 years to develop and to (re) know about puppetry .

The twentieth edition, to be held from Tuesday 21st to Sunday 26th November, 2017  in Tournefeuille (Haute-Garonne), Toulouse,  cultural centers  Castelginest Ramonville, Saint Affrique (Aveyron) and Marcel Pagnol Theater Villeneuve-Tolosane , will for its organizers renewed the opportunity to state that:

“The puppet is not a mere entertainment, it is above all an art and a craft.”

Shakespeare and Nougaro

Marionnettissimo whoever had once pushed the door of this festival like other well knows, is an appointment sharing, culture, humor, intelligence, friendliness and emotions. 

And much, much boldness: an adaptation of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard with objects (the Company Cieza, Thursday 23 to space Job!); workers who pleased us the story of an amateur cyclist who is the hope of all the region … and decides to chuck everything at the gates of victory ( “The Race” by the Belgians of a tribe, and on 23 Saturday, 25 Tournefeuille).

But also a variation which tangle the Shakespeare  of “Othello” and Nougaro of “Jealousy” by Claude Nougaro by puppets in a modular design (Theater Mu (Occitan), Tuesday 21st in St. Affrique); a castaway stranded on an island ( “The bewildered” by the company Occitan Creature, Thursday 23rd to Tournefeuille Escale, virtuoso puppeteer Pierre Tual that “panic at the idea of becoming an adult” and who isolates the day of its thirtieth anniversary, the four walls of an apartment. a loneliness that will disturb a child and an old man ( “Easy enough,” Wednesday 22nd at the cultural center of Mazades and Saturday 25th at Tournefeuille) …

These are just a few suggestions of what Marionnettissimo Version 2017 including the complete program is to consult on the website of the event .

Practical information: 
Marionnettissimo, from 21st to 26th November 2017 in Toulouse area. Full program on the festival website .

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