Le Havre: A Driver Discovers an Unconscious Man on his Bus, he Died Shortly After

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A man died in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), on Saturday

A man was found semi-unconscious on the back of a bus in Le Havre (Seine-Maritime) on Saturday 18th November, 2017. He died despite the rescue operation

A man died on a bus from the LiA transport, the bus company that links around the city of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime).  He was discovered in the evening of Saturday 18th November by the driver who immediately raised the alarm after discovering the unconscious man.

The bus driver raises the alarm

The bus driver had just finished his day. On returning to the depot of the bus company LiA, at rue Marcel Toulouzan in Le Havre, he found “a man, drunk, and looking in a semi-unconscious at the rear of the vehicle,” said a judicial source. 

After he raised the alarm, the emergency services quickly attended the scene.

Half unconscious when help arrives

On site, at around 8.45pm the fire department and the ambulance staff attended the man who was “still alive, but semi-unconscious”. It was too late:

“Despite attempts to revive him, the man died of cardiac arrest, confirms the source.”

The victim, a resident of Montivilliers , in the town of Le Havre, “was known to the police for repeated drunkenness.”

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