Weather Alert: Hérault placed on Orange Alert

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Meteo France, has issued a weather warning for the herault department

WEATHER ALERT: Meteo France Warns of storms and floods that threaten the department of in the night from Saturday to Sunday …

No rest for the Herault. In a bulletin posted on Saturday, Meteo France has issued a weather alert again for the Hérault department in orange alert for the night from Saturday to Sunday, from midnight to 8 am because of storms and flooding risks.

The agency mentions a “rainy and stormy situation requiring special vigilance” and a “risk of heavy rain on the same areas for several hours,” primarily “on the coast and the interior close to the Hérault.”

80 to 150 mm of rain in 3-6 hours

The rains will begin late Saturday afternoon and “will intensify and may become stormy” in the second part of night, he said.

“Strong accumulations may be observed. It is expected that amounts of the order of 80 to 150 mm will fall over 3 to 6 hours”adds the bulletin.

Cellars and basement flooding can happen very quickly, and “Traffic conditions can be rendered difficult,” warns Meteo France.

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