Formula 1: Noisier and Less Expensive Engines from 2021

Formula 1 engines will be noisier and less expensive to develop from the 2021 season

The FIA ​​announced on Tuesday the foundation of the future regulation of the discipline from 2021. The 1.6-liter turbo V6 hybrid engines are retained, but they will be noisier and less expensive to develop. The kinetic energy recovery during braking will see its enhanced power and will now be activated manually by the driver.

The FIA announced on Tuesday, after a meeting with the owners of the rights to Formula 1 engine manufacturers and representatives of the foundations of the future post-2020 settlement, which, if it keeps the hybrid V6 engine must make it more noisy and less expensive to develop. The main announcement of this meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the International Automobile Federation in Paris is that the premier class will always use a V6 Hybrid Turbo 1.6-liter from the 2021 season.

Since its introduction in 2014, Mercedes has won every drivers’ and constructors. F1 do not return to the atmospheric V8, to the chagrin example of Christian Horner, boss of Red Bull, who lamented in Mexico that this engine had “brought nothing good” to discipline. To satisfy the most modest teams, the FIA has assured however that the crucial issue of reducing costs would be taken into account.

Restrictions rules on fuel

This would be the case by controlling the size and weight of the turbo, through the internal design of the common engine for all teams, and with the disappearance of the electric motor recovers energy created by heat from the exhaust ( MGU-H), also introduced in 2014.  This cost reduction is also made possible by a restriction rules on fuel, in particular the number of different species used each season by a team.

Conversely, the kinetic energy recovery braking (MGU-K) will have its power increased, with the novelty being manually activated by the driver, which would make it according to the FIA a strategic element in the race. Finally, the body chaired by Jean Todt decided to answer a recurring grievance expressed by fans for several seasons: the noise of the cars, much less impressive than in the past.

To remedy this, motorists will be able to increase up by 3,000 rpm operation of the thruster unit, whose power is currently limited to 15,000 rpm.

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