Bus Paris-Nantes: The Driver Loses It and Abandons its Passengers on the Roadside

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Bus driver got lost and deserted the passengers and the bus

NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: Having got lost, he “deserted the bus” …

t is a journey that they are not likely to forget. Passengers left Paris on Friday to reach the west of France by bus OUIBUS (subsidiary of SNCF ) were surprised to see their driver take to their heels in the Paris suburbs, reports The Western Mail .

Three hours late arrival

Despite his GPS, the driver would have lost his way, stopped the vehicle a little more than an hour after the start and left his forty passengers to their fate.

“He pulled off his tie, his badge and left leaving the bus on the roadside. The captain left the ship, “said a passenger from the Western Mail . The bus left at 8.20 from Paris should serve Le Mans, Angers and Nantes. After a new driver took over, the vehicle arrived at its destination with more than three hours late.

The OUIBUS company, which offers low-cost bus travel, is committed to refund the customers money.

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