Chateau-Gontier: Rue René d’Anjou Has Changed Direction

Local News
René d'Anjou street is now accessible by Razilly Avenue towards the Saint-Rémi church in Chateau-Gontier

Since Monday, September 4, rue Rene d’Anjou in Chateau-Gontier has regained its original meaning in the direction of the Saint-Rémi church. It is accessible by Razilly Avenue. Signs are there to remind the new drivers.

“We arrived very early this morning for the return goes smoothly. “ The municipal police were present René d’Anjou street at 7am Monday 4th  September, 2017, to check that the traffic change (one way towards the Saint-Rémi church) did not pose any problems. “We have no particular comments. “

Signs indicating the new direction are installed at the Jousselin Street and the Saint-Remi.  Drivers coming from it and wanting to reach the city center of Chateau-Gontier are now invited to circulate by Volney Street.

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