Many Fire starts on Saturday in Brittany

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Many fires have started in Brittany

Many fires were reported on Saturday in Brittany, favoured by high temperatures.

Heat and agriculture have led today on Saturday in Morbihan, outbreaks of fires in seven places: Ménéac, Comblessac, Bieuzy, Réguiny, Persquen and Lignol. The fires were contained during the afternoon.

This Saturday,  a fire broke out in Bréhan. Four hectares of wheat were burned and fifteen others were threatened. Firefighters from Hennebont also released their tanker for forest fires three times. The fire starts along the N165 expressway were also found, probably caused butts jets from motorists.

In Ille-et-Vilaine , two fires destroyed eight hectares of stubble Tremblay (Ferns) and 16 tonnes of fodder Tresbœuf (Redon).

In the  Côtes d’Armor , three hectares of fields went up in smoke on Saturday night in Plouasne, east of the department. Sparks in an agricultural machine are causing the fire. Since Friday night, this is the third fire of this type in the sector. Drought exacerbates the situation.

Finally, Saturday night, between 8pm and 10pm, a shed of 200 m² has burned in Rospez , the locality Kerhuel, a few kilometers from Lannion (Côtes d’Armor). Agricultural equipment and fodder were destroyed. Twenty firefighters battled the flames.

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