G20: Macron Announces New Climate Summit for 12th December

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Emmanuel Macron announces new climate summit at the G20

DIPLOMACY: Emmanuel Macron has not lost hope to “convince” his US counterpart Donald Trump to reinstate the agreement …

It will take place two years to the day after the Paris Agreement. Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would meet on the 12th December, a “top step” in the fight against global warming. He also said not to have lost hope to “convince” his US counterpart Donald Trump to reinstate the agreement.

“On the 12th December, two years after the entry into force of the Paris agreement, I will convene a new summit to take further action for the climate, especially financially,” he said at its summit’s closing press conference G20 in Hamburg, Germany. This meeting, which he did not specify the location, but to be held in France, will aim to “mobilize public and private finance” promised in December 2015 to “identify projects’ concrete which should be supported.

“I never despair of convincing”

Referring to US President Donald Trump , who announced on the 1st June its decision to exit the Paris agreement, Emmanuel Macron began: “I confirm that I hope to convince him to reconsider its decision”.  “I never despair of convincing, I think it is a duty in view of the function of mine and a character trait,”  he argued.  The British Prime Minister Theresa May had expressed a similar hope yesterday.

The “disagreement” on climate with Washington “will prevent either cooperation on many other topics in the fight against terrorism and strategic interests,” said Emmanuel Macron, while the US president is expected to paris on the 13th and 14th July to mark the French national holiday. It will then also be an issue, according to Emmanuel Macron, along with the Syrian crisis and the fight against terrorism.

“I will not yield anything”

“I tried to explain to some,”  he added in a reference to the United States , “we can not claim to effectively fight against terrorism if there is no firm action against global warming climate”.  “There is no agreement in Paris on the map,” he reaffirmed, recalling that he had been “very clear” on this subject “with Donald Trump on the evening of his declaration” of June 1st.

“In this regard, the spirit of conciliation, compromise, if it becomes a spirit of indolence is guilty,” insisted the French head of state, before concluding: “I do not give in” to those want a “back”, it is “an American choice that is not a US choice.”

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