Emmanuel Macron announces new climate summit at the G20

G20: Macron Announces New Climate Summit for 12th December

DIPLOMACY: Emmanuel Macron has not lost hope to “convince” his US counterpart Donald Trump to reinstate the agreement … It will take place two years to the day after the Paris Agreement. Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday he would meet on the 12th December, a “top step” in the fight against global warming. He also said not to have lost […]

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The French president spoke after the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement on climate, on June 1

Paris Accord: “Make our planet great again”, Macron talks to Trump in English

CLASH: The French president addressed the American people from the Elysee … A new era for French presidents. In an English more than adequate, Emmanuel Macron turned to Donald Trump and the American people on Thursday night from the Elysee, after the decision of US President to withdraw from the Paris agreement on the climate . The French president […]

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It looks like the United states will withdraw from Paris Accord on Climate

The United States would be Willing to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate?

CLIMATE: The US media provide this Wednesday afternoon that the US president has already decided and have already formed a team to study the withdrawal process … He  announced his decision this week via a Tweet posted just when completed will the G7 summit in Sicily. According to the American online media Axios , Donald Trump would have decided: it would […]

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