Weather: It will be Very (Very) Hot!

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The weather is going to be very hot, hot everywhere

It is in an advanced state of perspiration you may find yourself on Tuesday. Heavy and locally thundery weather, according to forecasts from Meteo France who placed 51 departments in a heatwave warning

From dawn, the sun will generally be already present, with some low clouds on Roussillon morning, and cloudy, a little cloudy on the west. These clouds will develop by late morning on the relief of the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Alps. The time will become heavy in the afternoon over much of the country. Thundershowers will be organized over the Massif Central and the Pyrenees. They can arrive in the evening in Gers.

Similarly, in the late afternoon and evening isolated thunderstorms may form in the Pays de Loire, the Center and the South of Normandy. They will be strong and locally with hail.

Minimum temperatures will vary from 14 to 20 degrees warmer on Aquitaine with 21-24 degrees. The maximum fluctuation between 30 and 35 degrees over much of the country, except near the coast of the English Channel and on the Roussillon coast where you can expect 24 to 28 degrees, and will increase to 36 and 37 degrees in the Loire, Poitou and west of the region Center.

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