Access, Shops, Car Park … LGV redraws Rennes Train Station

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A view to the future Rennes station, north side (from the avenue January).

With the arrival of the high speed line, the number of travelers in Rennes station is to increase from 9 to 20 million. They will discover, from 2019, a completely redesigned station.

The Rennes station redevelopment work began in 2010 and should be completed by 2019.

Ten years of work to completely redraw the so-called new multimodal station, a railway hub which should transit eventually 20 million passengers annually, against “only” 9 million today.

In this new space, users have at their disposal all the tools to make their lives easier: interactive information kiosks, multi-service space connected chairs and tables, event space, exhibitions …

Future look of the railway station of Rennes
Rennes train station as users discover it in 2019. | Image: FCGP TER Rennes metropolis

The first station shops

The future station will dominate the city of Rennes. Passengers, like simple walkers can access a platform, a restaurant on two floors and even go from north to south, via a gently sloping walkway.

Beginning this summer, passenger flows will mix more: current docks to the west, will be reserved for arrivals. Above the tee inside the station, space, very bright, with wooden floors, will host the first three shops.

Yves Rocher , with 60 sqm, shop Stade Rennais on a surface of 40 sqm, and Bagel Corner . This sign was created by a French team and will offer on 23 m², a wide selection of bagels prepared under the eyes of the customer, from fresh ingredients.

Yves Rocher is coming to Rennes Railway Station
Yves Rocher. | Photo: Thomas Brégardis

In 2018, twenty shops, accessible both to travelers and locals alike, will complete the offer.

It is already signed Prêt a Manger. With 390 restaurants in the world and its 300,000 customers per day, the company will open early 2018, on the ground floor of the new train station in the main entrance, in a space of 250 sqm. The chain, founded in 1986, is based in London, where its restaurants are practically on every street corner.

Prêt à Manger is already signed to be coming to the new station complex in Rennes
Prêt à Manger. | Photo Reuters

The restaurant offers products cooked fresh and packed in packages with no use-by date (the unsold are donated to associations). The average basket is 12 €.

Underground parking for 1200 Vehicles

Near the women’s prison, just after the Pont de l’Alma, a vast project unfolds. Building on the south front of the station, the Paul Féval island include a set of offices, underground parking and a cinema complex, all with shops.

The large hole dug is now filled. Instead, underground parking on three levels is set. It will double the capacity of the current parking lot to the south and in front of the train station, with 1,200 places in total, against 650 places now.

Train, bicycle, bus …

The station, will be the new “multimodal exchange pole” becomes the interconnection node between all modes of transport: TER and TGV, metro lines, buses (with expanded and modernized bus station), buses, bikes ( two Velostar and 950 places for bicycle parking) and charging stations for electric vehicles. 90 places for drop-offs are also provided for quick and easy removal of the passengers closer to the station.

An interior view of Rennes station, completely remodeled.
An interior view of Rennes station, completely remodeled. | Image: FCGP TER Rennes metropolis

New businesses

The new station, the future setting for the high speed LGV is also a new commercial space. For several months, the private group Demeter concessions (Ruello family) are onboard on this issue. ” 2150 sqare metres of outlets are provided, against the 970 square metres on offer now. The Surface area is doubled,” describes Christophe Gaultier, development director at Demeter.

The number of shops will remain equivalent. In contrast, commercial units will be larger. The will of Demeter Group is to offer a wider choice, with local brands, national and international ” some of which are not yet implemented in Rennes .”

Seven spaces are still being negotiated via Demeter. The future large brewery bistronomic 690 sqm, on two floors, awaits its leader. The group would also affix the touch of a Breton chef.

In other spaces, there is provided an everyday products shop, a space of pleasures purchases a house bakery and a coffee shop.

Several burger chains are also in the running to settle on the ground floor of the station, next to ready to eat, in a space of 250 square metres.

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