Presidential: For Hamon, voting for Macron will be “difficult”, but a “clear choice”

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Hamon will vote for Macronin Presidential Election

SUPPORT: The PS candidate had already given its support to the candidate in March! just after the first round results …

The act will be difficult, but the obvious choice”:  Benoît Hamon  reaffirmed on Wednesday that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of presidential elections, and called on his voters to do the same, despite the campaign “dangerously clumsy” and “arrogant” of the candidate of En Marche!

“I beg you not to offer your anger to the Front National”

“I will vote against the extreme right in the order form with the name of Emmanuel Macron. The act will be difficult, but the obvious choice (…) Sunday’s result will be a support for the Republic and not its policy. Not even to his campaign, as dangerously clumsy and arrogant, itself a footprint of a populism that aggravates a toxic differentiation in the public debate,” said the PS candidate was presidential in an article published Wednesday by Le Monde . “This act is in no way for support of the project, which I will oppose unequivocally,” he said. Saying that he understands the “probably genuine” and “legitimate anger” of the left side of voters, leaving the duel of Macron – Le Pen, the deputy of the Yvelines said to want to appeal to “reason” rather than “to blame” and ” moral lessons. ”

“Only your lucidity, your sovereign people of judgment, can distinguish a political opponent next Sunday an enemy of the Republic,” he said. “We can not return back to back a force which is part of democratic and a force that the contests. The liberal policy holders, if a Front National, can be placed on an equal footing with him, with its authoritarianism, its racism, its sexism. ”

“I beg you not to offer your anger to the Front National, or by voting for him, of course, not even giving it your indifference. Being left (…) it is, at all times and in all circumstances, make the choice of reason and of the Republic “he concluded.

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