Marine Le Pen “Deeply Regrets” the Withdrawal of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen but “Understands”

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Marine Le Pen regrets the decision of her niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen but understands

REACTION:  By contrast, for Jean-Marie Le Pen it is a “desertion” …

Marine Le Pen, beaten on Sunday in the second round of the presidential election, said on Wednesday that she “deeply regrets” the withdrawal of the political life of her niece, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, but “unfortunately, like a Mum, I can understand.”

“As a political leader, I deeply regret the decision of Marion but alas, like a Mum, I understand,” tweeted the president of the Front National on Wednesday morning of the publication of a letter in which the MP announces that she will not be standing for a second term as an MP for Vaucluse, and head of the opposition to the FN PACA Regional Council. It specifies in particular that she wants “more time” for her family life.

The tenors of the National Front were quick to react

In an interview with the BBC, the honorary president of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen has harshly expressed on the decision to withdrawal of his daughter: “If there is not a very serious reason for this decision, I consider it a desertion.” “This is a decision that is quite respectable, based on private reasons,” said the microphone of RMC, Florian Philippot, vice president of the Front National.

For David Rachline the campaign manager for Marine Le Pen, “this is a choice that is eminently respectable.” For him, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is “someone who has conducted good fights, which had great success. However, we must respect her decision. Everyone is free, everyone can evolve,” he said during his visit on Europe 1. LCI, Gilbert Collard, in campaign for parliamentary Vaucluse commented:” This is a lifestyle choice that should be respected by everyone.”

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