World Cyberattack: A Boon for IT Security Companies?

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World cyberattack is a boon for IT security companies

COMPUTER HACKING: The “ransomware virus software” can cause great economic damage …

  • A cyberattack hit thousands of companies on Friday 
  • Some areas still lack protection 
  • European legislation will strengthen the protection of consumer data

An attack on an unprecedented scale. “WannaCry” the “ransomware” or ”  ransom software  ” – that encrypts data in a computer and requires payment to decode – has done much damage since his appearance on Friday. Hospitals forced to close in the UK, Renault’s Douai factory stopped until Monday : the costs of cyber attack that hit in more than 150 countries are difficult to estimate.

Once the software has penetrated the computer, there are few solutions to the user. Pay the ransom?  “No way, says Damien Bancal, a journalist specializing in computer security and founder of the site Zataz.  First it is not known if the person in front will decrypt the data. Then it encourages pirates to continue their attacks because they see a cash windfall in it for them. ”

Try to decipher the data itself or through a company? Illusion “that could take years, even centuries,” says the specialist. Remains to start from scratch or from a backup. Conclusion Damien Bancal: “This attack is a godsend for IT security companies, which emphasize the effectiveness of their solutions.”

“Given the high cost of an attack, it’s better to be well protected”

On the side of these companies, we can easily recognize that the recent attacks lead them to be more stressed. “It’s like an insurance against burglary: we do not think we will ever rob, it can not happen and so we did not take. Until the day it happens to us, “says Damien Neyret founder MailInBlack, a cyber security company that deals with 7,000 companies in France.

“Last year, we experienced a tremendous growth in terms of covered companies, he said. For a company of 10 people protection will cost thirty euros per month. Given the impact and cost that can happen with an attack, it’s better to be well protected. ”

“All that the control computer is threatened”

And everyone is still far from being covered. According to Laurent Hausermann, cofounder of Sentryo , a company specializing in industrial computer networks, “there are still many outdated systems in the industry. Many computers are still running Windows XP, which was launched in 2001. So for the moment it is not a “healthy” computer, all the control computer is threatened.”

For specialists surveyed, a collective awareness seems necessary, regardless of the type of business. “Let it be known that whether it be Renault or a smlall maker of goat cheese in Ardèche, we are all targets for hackers,” asserts Damien Bancal. He also points out that from 2018, European companies will be required to apply the Regulation on the protection of personal data (or RGPD) or they will be subject to heavy penalties. Enough to ensure the future security companies in IT.

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