Employment: The French Economy Created 49,400 jobs in Q1

49,400 jobs have been created in France in the First Quarter of the year

JOBS: According to an estimate published by INSEE on Friday 12th May, 49,400 new jobs (+ 0.3%) were created in the first quarter, thanks to the dynamism of services and temporary …

For the eighth consecutive quarter, the French economy has seen a net creation of jobs. According to an estimate by Insee , 49,400 new jobs (+ 0.3%) were born in the 1st quarter. This is with private employees and jobs created by companies.

In one year, the commercial sector (private non-agriculture) has created 198,300 payroll jobs (+ 1.2%), reaching 16.23 million positions, its highest level since 2008. From January to March, the service sector and temporary employment have also seen their numbers grow: + 0.4% excluding interim for the former and 1.8% for the second.

Services are steadily increasing since the end of 2013. As for the interim contracts, with 668,500 employees, it is not far from its record high of 677,500, reached in early 2007. These two sectors are offset with new industry positions and in construction.  Factories have lost nearly a million jobs since early 2001, over 200,000 sites since late 2008.

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