Chateau-Gontier: A Body Found in the Gardens near Chateau

Local News
The gendarmes were mobilized on Thursday, May 4 at Chateau-Gontier, after the discovery of a body, below the gardens of the bout du monde Verdun dock.

On Thursday 4th May 4, at 20 pm, a man was found dead in the gardens of the Bout du Monde in Chateau-Gontier. These are joggers who made the gruesome discovery.

It was around 8 pm on Thursday 4th May that joggers have made the discovery of a dead body of a man of 54 years old. It was at the Bout du Monde gardens near the, Verdun dock, in Château-Gontier.

In total, a dozen police were on the scene. At 10pm, the criminal identification technicians (ICT) were on hand to try to collect initial information and do a full search of the immediate area. The local mayor, Philippe Henry, was also informed.

Anyone with any information on this is asked to come forward and speak to the local gendarmerie.

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