Brittany: An earthquake Measuring 3.2 in the area of Quimper

Local News
The epicenter of the earthquake was located between Quimper and Concarneau. in Brittany

Monday, 3.15pm, the earth shook in the area of Quimper and Concarneau. An earthquake of a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter scale was felt.

This had already been the case, a Sunday morning last Autumn. This time, it was a Monday afternoon that the ground shook with an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.2 on the Richter scale was felt on the region around Concarneau and Quimper.

The epicenter is located between the two cities. At 3 kilometers southwest of Quimper; 4 km northeast of Moelan-sur-Mer; 5 kilometers north of Clohars-Carnoët; and 20 km northwest of Lorient.

Some have heard like a growl or a thud or a slight knock. Others felt a slight jolt.

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