Attack in Manchester: What is known of the Terrorist Attack that Left at Least 22 Dead?

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What is known of the terrorist attack in Manchester

GREAT BRITAIN: One or more explosions reportedly occurred at the end of a concert Ariana Grande …

Tragedy of Terrorist attack in Manchester . British police considers it “until proven guilty of a terrorist incident”, which  left at least 22 dead and sixty injured on Monday night at the Manchester Arena concert venue, where there was a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande. Chb44 reports on what we know.

What happened ?

Police were alerted after reports of one or more explosions of unknown origin, shortly after 10.30pm (11.30pm French time), which caused panic in the concert hall, when the audience began to leave the room. A statement from the Transport Police says an explosion in the foyer of the concert hall. This area is a public space that connects the room to the nearby Victoria station to passing trains and subways.

Images circulating on social networks show scenes of panic inside the concert hall.

Attack in Manchester
“We were about to leave the room after the Ariana Grande concert at 10.30pm (11.30pm French time) when we heard a bang, like an explosion, which freaked everyone and everything people trying to flee the room “, said Majid Khan, 22, from the British agency Press Association. “All the people who were on the other side of the concert hall where the bang was heard suddenly came to us running and they were trying to get out, so it was blocking, and everybody moved towards the exit it could find as quickly as possible, “he added. “It was panic.”

What is the outcome?

According to the latest information from the police, he is at least 22 dead and sixty injured.

The identity of the victims was not disclosed, but a phone number has been set up for relatives of people who were in the vicinity. This is the (+44) 0161-856-9400. Facebook has also activated its “Safety Check” tool.

Among the wounded are including a couple from Leeds picked her children after the concert, Gary Walker and his wife, who testified on the radio BBC 5. The father said he was wounded in the foot by a piece of metal and his wife was wounded in the stomach.

Ariana Grande, is “safe and sound,” according to the team, reports Billboard. The singer responded in the night, calling “broken.” “I apologize from my heart. I have no words, “she wrote on Twitter.

Is it a terrorist attack?

The authorities, who remain cautious at this stage, however, confirm that the drama is “considered a terrorist incident, until proven otherwise.” The British Secretary of State for Security, Ben Wallace, told him about an “attack”, while the Prime Minister Theresa May condemned “the terrible terrorist attack.” This attack has not, at present, been claimed.

The police, who have found a “suspicious package” at the scene, announced on Twitter that they would make a “controlled explosion”, urging people not to panic. The package finally contained clothing.

According to two sources of US intelligence Reuters, the trail of a suicide bomb is preferred. A man at the scene was identified as the bomber, said CNN, also citing a US intelligence source.

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