Macron and Le Pen on Prime Time with TF1 for Two Specials

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Special televised programmes on TF1 for the presidential candidates

TF1 will give prime time to both candidates qualified for the second round before the traditional debate between the two contenders. The first issue of 2017 Elysee with Marine Le Pen is broadcast on Tuesday.

TF1 innovating for the period between the presidential voting rounds. On Tuesday evening, the interview with Marine Le Pen will not be integrated into the News broadcast 20H as it is usual, but will be on a special show. The premier channel launches in prime time Elysée 2017, a face-to-face live interview between the Front National candidate and two journalists accustomed to exercise, Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau.

The show starts at 9 pm and will also be broadcast on LCI, the news channel.  In the second part of the evening, an episode of Criminal Minds is scheduled at 22.10pm. On Thursday evening, Emmanuel Macron, the second candidate qualified, will follow the same programme at the same time.

5.7 million average viewers Sunday

In addition to the broadcast field reports, the Front National candidate will face Christophe Jakubyszyn, head of the political department, and Melissa Bell, CNN correspondent in Paris. The first will present a study TNS Sofres dedicated to its image, the second will detail the vision of the international press. Marine Le Pen is also facing viewers (sequences have been pre-registered).

The debate between the two candidates for the Presidency at the Elysee will be held on the 3rd May  at 21 pm on TF1 and France 2. lasting about 2 hours 20 minutes, it will be hosted by Gilles Bouleau for TF1 and David Pujadas of France 2.

The evening of the first round, TF1 attracted an average 5.7 million viewers, slightly more than in 2012 (5.6 million), peaking at 9.1 million viewers at 8.30pm, according to a statement from the channel.

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