Fleetwood Mac: The Return of a Legendary Group

Fleetwood Mac is set to reunite with Stevie Nicks

The album “Rumors” that Fleetwood Mac released, is one of the most records sold in the history of music. The group, has announced a new album, almost fifteen years after the previous one.

Few discs comprise as many songs. When “Rumors” was released in 1977, the music world has barely recovered from the worldwide success of “Hotel California” from the Eagles, which sold some 32 million copies. Yet Fleetwood Mac will still do more, with “Rumors” reaching 40 million sold discs.

It is true that the album lines up an impressive series of tubes, “Dreams” to “Do not Stop”, “Second Hand News” to “Go Your Own Way”. It develops both imaginative and delicate arrangements and deliciously sweet released songs, whether male or female, notably with the velvety voice of Stevie Nicks.

“Rumors” is a disc of pop Californian influence. This is not a coincidence. Californians Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, then a couple, have just joined the group of British origin (which has lost several of its musicians), marking their arrival by signing the majority of titles. Fleetwood Mac style, blues-rock group originally is radically transformed. They became one of the heavyweights of this generation.

Fleetwood Mac does not stop there. The double album “Tusk” (1979), also sells less well, is a record of a musical high level. Subsequently, Fleetwood Mac, which saw couples who formed the group dissolving, will disperse solo projects then reformations. With tours but Albums: two in 1980, two in 1990, and the last in 2003, without the second singer Christine McVie.

For this new album, almost fifteen years later, Christine McVie is there. But not Stevie Nicks, who is pursuing a solo career. Called “Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie,” named keyboardist and singer, the disc will be released on 9 June and precede a US tour. The first single, “In My World” will be released Friday.

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