Paimpol: A “Mini Tornado” and Damage to Ploubazlanec

Local News
Violent winds and rain caused problems at Paimpol

At 11.30am on Sunday, a violent wind accompanied by a clap of thunder and a downpour of rain was observed in Paimpol and its surroundings. A power line dropped near Pors Even in Ploubazlanec. A man and a woman were also blocked by the fall of two trees.

The Paimpol firefighters were called to rue Theodore Botrel, at Pors-Even near Ploubazlenec to secure the streets. Because of the violent wind, a power line was detached from the corner of  “a house and was in the middle of the floor. Until the intervention of a team from ERDF, firefighters set up a diversion road traffic.

A prisoner couples

The gale, described as a “mini tornado” by Danielle Brézellec Mayor Ploubazlanec caused an exceptional situation. A man and a woman, came from Plouézec for the weekly market, were walking on the road when they found themselves “prisoners.” Two trees having fallen in front and behind the car. “To believe that it was not their time was just unbelievable how the trees missed the car” said the mayor. Danielle Brézellec was on the company premises of thepersonnel des services techniques.


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