Commercial Rents in Nantes: Large Price Gap

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The big differences in commercial rents in Nantes

L’observatoire nantais du commerce, created by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Club immobilier Nantes Atlantique (Cina), explain the large differences in rents paid by merchants.

Highly variable retail rents

“This is particularly true in the city center” , say Frioux Hughes, Vice President ICC for Trade Pascal Chesse of Cina.

Depending on the surface of local, state, location, range of rents is very strong. She goes into the merchants axes 221 € m 2 per year up to € 1,563! Knowing that the median value is 461 and the average 590. “The fact of publishing these figures should allow more serene negotiations between retailers and landlords” says Hugues Frioux.

“Le Carré Feydeau does not take off”

The Nantes Observatoire nantais du commerce also notes the difficulties of the Carré Feydeau. “This shopping center is not taking off, although the two shops open, Carrefour Market and McDonald’s doing very well and make good business figures. “  A new operator Constructa attempts to find businesses.

Tomorrow new commercial spaces

Despite the difficulties of the Carré Feydeau, the Cina was in favor of new commercial spaces, particularly at the tip of Feydeau west, instead of the square JB Daviais. She lobbied in that for years. But when the public inquiry, several individuals and associations totaled against this project.

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