Attack in London: Who are the victims ?

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Who are the victims of the terrorist attack in London

The attack in London on Wednesday killed four people, in addition to the attacker, according to a new report from the police on Thursday night. Thirty people were hospitalized, many of which are in critical condition.

Here’s what we know about them:

The dead woman, three men

A woman of forty years old ranks among the dead, according to the commander of the anti-terrorism at Scotland Yard Mark Rowley. She was killed on Westminster Bridge, spanning the River Thames opposite Big Ben, where the car of the attacker drove into the crowd.

A Spanish diplomatic source, “it is a British woman whose mother is Spanish” . It “would not have Spanish citizenship” but “the Consul General has been in contact with his family in Spain to offer the assistance of the consulate” . His family is “Galician” in the north of Spain, the source said.

According to the Spanish regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia, this would Aysha Frade, aged 43 years. The teacher who lived in London had two children seven and nine years, according to Spanish media.

The second victim , also hit on Westminster Bridge, is a man of about fifty years, said Mark Rowley. US President Donald Trump confirmed later the death of Kurt Cochran in a tweet Thursday afternoon, expressing condolences to his family.

He was in London with his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary, said his family on social media.

The third death is a police officer, Keith Palmer, 48. It was on duty in front of one of the entrances to the Parliament building when the assailant, who abandoned his car against the railings of the parliament, trying to enter. The man, armed with a knife, stabbed him several times, according to witnesses.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood tried to revive him, unsuccessfully. “I tried to stop the bleeding and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until the arrival of the doctors, but I think he had lost too much blood” , told the elected photographed doing CPR with blood on his face and clothes.

Mr. Palmer, married and father, was unarmed. He was in the police for 15 years.

The fourth death is a man of 75 years. He died Thursday of his injuries.

The wounded several in critical condition

Forty people were injured, 29 were hospitalized. Seven of them were in a “critical condition” , according to the commander of the anti-terrorism Scotland Yard Mark Rowley.

The wounded included three French students from St. Joseph High School Concarneau ( Finistère ), on a school trip. Two were in serious condition, but their lives were not in danger, according to an official of the French region.

Five South Korean tourists – four women and a man aged 50 to 60 years – were also injured in the movement of crowds that followed the arrival of the crazy car on Westminster Bridge, said the South Korean Minister Foreign Affairs. The Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament that four South Koreans were injured.

Twelve Britons were hospitalized and two Romanians, one German, one Polish, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two Greeks.

Three policemen are also among the injured, two are in serious condition, according to Mrs. May.

A woman was fished out of the Thames seriously injured. According to Romanian media, there is a Romanian 29-year-Andreea Cristea.

Finally, four students from the University Edge Hill at Ormskirk (northwest England) coming out of the Parliament visit were slightly injured on Westminster Bridge.

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