Waves and Flooding: Seven Western Departments on Orange Alert

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Meteo France has maintained its orange alert for wave submersion for seven departments of the Atlantic coast. Brittany, the Vendée and Loire-Atlantique are concerned.

Much of the country will be in the rain and wind this Tuesday while time will be milder in the Pyrenees and around the Gulf of Lion, according to Météo France.

Waves of 11 m

Seven departments of the Atlantic coast, between the coast of Finistère and the Aquitaine coast were placed in orange alert for wave and flooding for the day Tuesday between 4 am and 9 pm. This is the Charente-Maritime Gironde, Landes, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Brittany, the Vendée and Loire-Atlantique.

A depression circulating on the British and the North Sea islands; it generates strong west wind in Southwest and strong waves on the Atlantic and Channel coasts, said Meteo France Tuesday morning.

A 05 h 30 local, buoy Pierres Noires (south of Ushant) was 6 m in average height of waves, the highest waves up to 11 m.

The risk period on Finistère, Loire Atlantique and the Vendée will be re-evaluated at 9am on Tuesday.

Weather France maintained its orange alert for wave submersion seven departments of the Atlantic coast.
Weather France maintained its orange alert for wave submersion seven departments of the Atlantic coast. | Visactu

Rainy weather

Clouds and rain will shift on the night of Monday to Tuesday to the east and will end in all morning between the Alps and the Vosges.

The morning will announce very restless, punctuated many showers, sometimes stormy, with a risk of sleet, with a strong west wind southwest. Under the showers lines, wind gusts could reach 70 to 90 km/h in peak or 100 on the northeast, and 100/110 on the Atlantic coast. On the ocean front, the sea is big and powerful waves.

In the afternoon, the heavy showers will mainly focus on the half, followed by a lull and cloudy slightly wider by Southwest.

Softness in Corsica

The Mediterranean regions, despite the excesses cloudy rainy or very locally, keep a calmer time under a sky coming off the very end of day thanks to the wind that turn to the northwest sector.

The rain-snow boundary will be located about 500 m on the Vosges, the Jura 800, 1500 as low as 1,000 m of the Pyrenees, around 1 000/1 200 m in the Massif Central and 1500 then 1000 m on the northern Alps.

Minimum temperatures will vary between 2 and 8 degrees east to west, 8-10 on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Maximum reach 8-12 degrees to the west and southwest, 14-16 near the Mediterranean or even 18 in Corsica, 7-11 degrees in other areas of northern, central and northeast.

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