Lille: And Suddenly, all the Furniture went Through the Window onto the Street

Local News
Rue du Buisson in Lille where the furniture was thrown out of the apartment

Customers of the supermarket, just opposite, were surprised to see all the furniture of an apartment land on the pavement …

An unusual sight in a street of Saint-Maurice Pellevoisin district of Lille. Saturday, late afternoon, passersby have seen spend almost all the furniture of an apartment through the window, told La Voix du Nord . Food and cleaning products also seen thrown through the window.

The work of a schizophrenic

Better not be below the 3rd floor of a building located at 46 rue du Buisson, in front of a supermarket, where, at that hour, there are often many people. A man decided to throw all that was at home.

Fortunately, this expeditious removal caused no injuries. Only one car was hit by falling objects. Alerted, firefighters quickly controlled the resident who suffers from schizophrenia and had not taken treatment for several days.

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