Superbowl: Four Good Reasons to Watch the Game Tonight

Four good reasons to watch the Superbowl tonight

This Sunday, the Superbowl, the final of the American football championship, the New England Patriots play the Atlanta Falcons. Okay, it’s late; of course it’s hard to understand … But the fact remains: Here are four good reasons to stay up late on Sunday night.

Because Tom Brady …

Tom Brady, in summary, it’s a bit the Lionel Messi of American football. Unlike than he drafted to the 199th spot in 2000, was not supposed to become the best player in the NFL last fifteen years. But fell into the hands of a genius coach, Bill Belichick, and the bar of star formation, the quarterback of the Patriots has made a place in the elite of the sport. So, still, cold-blooded animal. Since he plays, the New England quarterback has won everything (four NFL championship rings), making his regular mantra. He, modest college player, is well poised to clinch a fifth victory in the Super Bowl, something no NFL launcher has achieved so far in history. Even Joe Montana, the youth idol Brady, high in the San Francisco area, has not managed this feat.

Tom Brady, Playing in the Superbowl
Tom Brady, serein. | AFP

This ideal son married to Gisele Bundchen is now 39, but has not lost his talent. “This is something unique in a career of playing the game seven times. This is an amazing game to watch, so imagine what it is to take part! You never get used to play such a game “ , said the number 12 of the Patriots. The image of Tom Brady however, is not so rosy … Early in the season, he was indeed suspended four games for taking part in cheating, in the year 2015, the “deflated balls” (which would have allowed New England to earn a semi-final at the time). Moreover, across the Atlantic, many people to hate the Patriots quarterback. Because he wins, because it is beautiful, because it is too smooth. Sunday, he will have a new opportunity to get everyone to agree.

Because there is a “underdog” with small amount supporters

Atlanta, New England’s opponent, was never crowned NFL champion, and has played just one Super Bowl in 1999 lost at the time facing the Denver Broncos. This team had to wait until 2010 to chain two seasons with more wins than losses. Imagine … There was the time Michael Vick, Falcons famous quarterback known in particular for organizing dog fights at home. It was 2000 and when the scandal broke, Atlanta was left with everything to rebuild. Matt Ryan, the quarterback, then arrived at the passes as a rookie Julio Jones then arrived at the reception, and the franchise of Georgia has gradually returned to work. Irregularly, certainly, but Atlanta started to scare. No favorite with the bookmakers, few supporters in America, Atlanta will have nothing to lose on Sunday.

Atlanta Falcons are the underdogs in the Superbowl
Players of the Falcons not fed any complex. | AFP

His game, though, is highly spectacular. Best offense in the NFL (540 points scored in 16 season games), the franchise approaches this appointment being confident. “Why would we be nervous? We prepared as it should, we will play the game that we wanted, we are ready, “ told this week Matt Ryan, voted player of the regular season.

Because it’s not just the field …

This is a classic Super Bowl: the show at halftime … And this year, Lady Gaga is who gets to entertain the halftime crowds. “I think I have watched this show since I was four years old”, she said recently in an exercise a bit too much promotion. The artist, used to speak her mind, she dares to speak on the current policy of the United States in prime time? “The only statement that I will do for my show are those that I have made consistently since the beginning of my career. I believe in equality and the fact that the spirit of this country is a message of love, compassion and kindness “, she has said, even leave some suspense.  The NFL, which does not want scandal, holds its breath …

Lady Gaga performing the halftime show in the Superbowl
Lady Gaga is eager to sing this Sunday in the Halftime show of the Superbowl | AFP

This Super Bowl is also the opportunity to see an American president on TV, not Donald Trump.Sunday, you will review and George HW Bush, father of W.  Former US president was hospitalized last month with a pneumonia, had to forfeit the “inauguration” of Trump on the 20th January.  But on Sunday, in his state, Texas, the 41st US president, aged 92, could not miss the event … officially in charge of supervising the draw before the game, so it could launch the item in the air. And who would have thought one day we would be pleased to see Bush on TV …

George HW Bush will be on the field Sunday night.
George HW Bush will be on the field Sunday night. | AFP

Because it is not so complicated to understand …

You are convinced of not understanding the US soccer? This is because you have never watched a game, admit it … Clearly, each team is divided into two. An offensive, defensive. The purpose of the first is to travel the land to the opponents’ end (the touchdown zone). For this, a launcher (the quarterback) must advance the ball 10 yards minimum (about 10 meters) in a maximum of four attempts. The defense, of course, is responsible for preventing it. The quarterback can either pass the ball (forward) or run himself or give the ball to a team mate in charge of running. A converted touchdown is seven points. A field-goal (kick between the posts) is three points. This, of course, is a small summary … For details, the easiest way is always to go on

Superbowl coverage is on W9 and Bein sports from Midnight
Superbowl coverage is on W9 and Bein sports from Midnight

The match will begin at midnight on the night of Sunday to Monday. It is broadcast on W9 and Bein Sport.

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