Various demonstrations planned at open day of Firefighters barracks in Toulouse

Toulouse Firefighters Open the Doors of their Barracks: Here are the Planned Animations

On Sunday 19th May, 2019, firefighters at the Jacques Vion barracks, in Toulouse, open the doors of their barracks for a day to benefit the Hôpital Sourire association. This job makes children dream and admires the greatest. The fire brigade barracks Jacques Vion , in Toulouse , open the doors to their barracks for a day in favour of the Hospital Association Smile . […]

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In Normandy, Firefighters had to cut a tree blocking the D24

Normandy: D24 to Ecardenville-la-Campagne, A Tree on the Road

Saturday afternoon firefighters from Neubourg (Normandy)had to use the chainsaw to cut a tree fallen across the road, on the D24, just before the crossroads of the deux cerfs. Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, June 30, around 4pm, a tree fell across the road on the D24, after Epreville-near-Neubourg (Normandy), in the wooded area just before reaching […]

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Four people have died in a house fire in the Pas-de-Calais

Pas-de-Calais: Four Dead in House Fire including Two Firefighters

Four people, including two volunteer firefighters and a teenager, and two serious injuries were reported in a fire in the Pas-de-Calais in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Dramatic fire in Estrée-Blanche (Pas-de-Calais) . Four people died in the night from Saturday 6th to Sunday, January 7th. These two young volunteer firefighters who tried to extinguish the fire and two people, a 16-year-old […]

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Four firefighters from Côtes d'Armor have left to reinforce the South of France

Côtes d’Armor: These Firefighters leave to Reinforce the South of France

In the evening of Wednesday 26th July, four firefighters have left their respective relief centers in the Cotes d’Armor, to go to lend a hand to their colleagues mobilized on the front of forest fires. They are voluntary and go during their holidays. Four firefighters from rescue centers Hénanbihen, Plancoët, Pléneuf-Val-André and Emerald (Matignon – Saint-Cast-le-Guildo) […]

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Following a fire in a house in Vannes, a 71 year old woman died and two men, in relative emergency, were transported to the hospital

Vannes: Fire in a House, a Woman of 71 Years Dies

Thursday night at 11.42pm, firefighters intervened at route de Bernard, Vannes, where a house was on fire. Inside, three people: two men 77 and 48 years were evacuated and taken to hospital, but a woman of 71 years old died as a cardio-respiratory arrest. At 71 route de Bernard, a fire took place in a house. Around 11.42pm, […]

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Blanzac: Firefighters Save a Dog that Fell into a Well 1

Blanzac: Firefighters Save a Dog that Fell into a Well

RESCUE: Dog was rescued by firefighters after being trapped for 4 – 5 hours … On Friday night, Blanzac firefighters rescued a dog that had fell to the bottom of a well in Plassac-Rouffiac, near Blanzac. A ” speech full of emotion ,”  on the Sdis16 on their Facebook page , which has saved Ita, a female Rottweiler aged 4. […]

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No, Emmanuel Macron does not Remove the Advantages of the Pompiers 2

No, Emmanuel Macron does not Remove the Advantages of the Pompiers

Premiums and benefits will be maintained … This false news has created a stir among firefighters. Emmanuel Macron would remove professional firefighters premiums and benefits enjoyed by volunteer firefighters. According to the Facebook page HDP – Firefighters Stories , brainwashing was shared more than 11,000 times. Now these alleged losses do not appear anywhere in the program foe En Marche!  “It […]

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Cars tourched in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: Cars Torched near Place de la Victoire

The fire was put to a container in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, spreading to several vehicles. Local residents say they are shocked and Alain Juppé “condemns” … Fifteen evacuees and damage. The night was rough side of Victory in Bordeaux.“Several streets of Bordeaux were that night, the theater of malicious acts causing the […]

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Rue du Buisson in Lille where the furniture was thrown out of the apartment

Lille: And Suddenly, all the Furniture went Through the Window onto the Street

Customers of the supermarket, just opposite, were surprised to see all the furniture of an apartment land on the pavement … An unusual sight in a street of Saint-Maurice Pellevoisin district of Lille. Saturday, late afternoon, passersby have seen spend almost all the furniture of an apartment through the window, told La Voix du Nord […]

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