Eurovision 2017: France Represented by Alma and her Song “Requiem”

Alma will represent France in Eurovision 2017 with the song "Requiem"

MUSIC:  France 2 reported that the young singer 28 years will defend the French chances in the next edition of the competition to be held in Ukraine …

Alma succeeds Amir. France 2 revealed, yesterday, Thursday that the young singer representing France at next contest Eurovision.

This 28 year old composer and singer published in June last year, her first single, La chute est lente.  But with her second song, Requiem , which will appear on her debut album, released on the 5th May, Alma will defend the tricolor chances in the final of the Eurovision in Kiev (Ukraine), on the 13th May.

A song written by the writer of “J’ai cherché”

This piece was written by Nazim Khaled, who is none other than the writer of the song “J’ai cherché”, the song with which Amir won the sixth place in last years Eurovision.

An interview with Alma aired on Thursday night in Alcaline on France 2.

The next edition of the musical event will take place in Ukraine, the winning country of last year with the song 1944 sung by Jamala. Forty-three countries will compete. Seventeen of them will be eliminated in the semifinals of the 9th and 11th May.

Only six states are sure to participate in the final on the 13th May: Ukraine, organizing, and the five largest financial contributors to Eurovision. That is to say, Germany, Spain, Italy, the UK and France.

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