Bilal Hassani is the new representative of France at Eurovision.

Eurovision: Bilal Hassani to Represent France in Tel Aviv

The finale of Destination Eurovision was broadcast on Saturday night on France 2. With his song Roi, Bilal Hassani will represent France on Eurovision, May in Tel Aviv (Israel). Bilal Hassani is the new representative of France in the Eurovision contest . Saturday 26th January, with his song Roi (King), he arrived at the top of the Destination Eurovision contest, […]

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More than 140 artists call to boycott the 2019 edition in Israel

Eurovision: More than 140 Artists call to Boycott the 2019 Edition in Israel

140 international artists have signed a petition in support of the call of Palestinian artists to boycott the 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Israel … A further upsurge in the organisation of Eurovision 2019. As Israel prepares to host the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in May 2019, more than 140 international artists have […]

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The duo Ms Mr (Jean-Karl Lukas and Emilie Satt) in the final of Eurovision 2018. Destination

Eurovision 2018: The Duo Madame, Monsieur to Represent France

CONTEST: The final of “Eurovision Destination” was broadcast this Saturday on France 2. Viewers and an international jury nominated the song that will represent France in the competition in Portugal on the 12th May … The duo Madame Monsieur will represent France with the song “Mercy” at the Eurovision contest on the 12th May in Lisbon (Portugal). So have […]

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Ama reached 12th place for France in the Eurovision

Eurovision: France ranks 12th with Alma

MUSIC: The final of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on Saturday in Kiev (Ukraine), has crowned the Portuguese Salvador Sobral … “We cry, but still survives. “These words taken from the Requiem, the song with which Alma defended the French chances in the Eurovision , well describe the bittersweet taste of the twelfth […]

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Eurovision is to be broadcast in some cinemas in France

Eurovision Broadcast in some Cinemas in France

The International Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast in several cinemas of the IRGC network announced on Tuesday by France Télévisions. The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast for the first time in film and accompanied by other shows on its wings and its history, said on Tuesday by France Télévisions, who wants to capitalize […]

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Alma will represent France in Eurovision 2017 with the song "Requiem"

Eurovision 2017: France Represented by Alma and her Song “Requiem”

MUSIC:  France 2 reported that the young singer 28 years will defend the French chances in the next edition of the competition to be held in Ukraine … Alma succeeds Amir. France 2 revealed, yesterday, Thursday that the young singer representing France at next contest Eurovision. This 28 year old composer and singer published in […]

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Justin Timberlake will be the first international star who does not participate in the contest to sing on the stage of Eurovision on May 14 ...

Eurovision: Justin Timberlake is Coming to Ignite the Final

SURPRISE: Justin Timberlake will be the first international star who does not participate in the contest to sing on the stage of Eurovision on May 14 … The final of the Eurovision song contest, which takes place on Saturday, 14th May will host a guest: Justin Timberlake. The official website of the European talent show has […]

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