Drake Insults Donald Trump on Stage in London

Drake insults Donald Trump at concert in London

MUSIC: The rapper is not the first …

During a concert in London, Drake took the opportunity to express clearly what he thought of Donald Trump and his policies. Then it happened Sunday night on the stage of the O2 Arena in the British capital, the rapper paused to discuss the tensions that currently divide the United States and he did not hesitate to hurl insults at against the new US president, Donald Trump.

“If you think a man can divide the world, you’re f***ing sick”,  as he first started talking about Donald Trump. “It is for us to ensure that it does not happen. F*** this man”, he finally said to his audience, which was meanwhile being filmed by the audience.

Drake against division

If the rapper have seemed angry at first, he also congratulated his audience and to clarify that the unit was what made the force. “Every day I wake up and I see all this sh** in the world, people who are trying to divide us, people who are trying to turn us against each other. The moment I’m most proud of is to look in this room and see people of all races and come from different places, “he said.

Drake is not the first to openly attack Donald Trump, the star-studded picture that spoke before and after his election to the US presidency, as Robert de Niro, Madonna or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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