Marlboro Gold, Vogue, Cafe Cream … Several Brands of Cigarettes will be Banned in France

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Several brands of cigarettes will be banned in France

TOBACCO: The purpose of this measure is to further reduce the number of smokers in France, especially the younger …

Their names, too positive, encourage smoking … The government continues its fight against smoking by banning the sale several known brands of cigarettes as too attractive or incentives, reveals Europe 1 .

This new measure resulting from the application of French law in the new Directive European tobacco, which does not consider it necessary to “encourage the consumption of tobacco with names too attractive, too evocative of positive images.”

Marlboro Gold cigarettes, cigarillos or Vogue Café cream are thus in the viewfinder of the state. These brands will therefore soon banished stalls of French tobacconists.

A year to change their name

The marks concerned by this ban have one year to change its name. The purpose of this measure obviously being to further reduce the number of smokers in France, especially the younger ones.

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has also welcomed on Friday the “sharp decline” in cigarette sales observed in December 2016 compared to the same month of the previous year, which shows that “measures against smoking bear fruit. ”

Meanwhile, a further increase in tobacco prices will soon be published in the Official Journal. It should be 20 cents per pack of cigarettes, and about 1.60 euro for rolling tobacco.

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