The Eiffel Tower will Reopen Sunday after Five Days of Strikes

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris will reopen today after 5 days of strike action

The building was closed to the public for five days. Striking Employees denounced for lack of social dialogue with management …

The Eiffel Tower, closed to the public for five days because of a strike , will reopen Sunday at noon, told representatives of the CGT.

No wage demands

The employees voted to return to work at a general meeting on Sunday morning, which was confirmed by the management of the operating company of the Parisian monument. The strikers had no wage demands but particularly denounced “lack of social dialogue with (their) management and the deliberate lack of transparency on strategic decisions” to come.

Unions and management had to sign in the day a memorandum of understanding, the contents had not yet been told this Sunday morning.

6,000 visitors a day during the Christmas holidays

The monument, which receives around six million visitors a year, usually hosts about 6,000 visitors a day at this time of year rather quiet in terms of tourism.

However this association is due to explode with the school holiday period, which begins this weekend. The tower receives around 20,000 people a day during the school holidays.

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