Vendée Globe: The Positions and Rankings this Sunday at Midday

Vendee Globe
Latest updates on the positions in the Vendée Globe

Armel Le Cléac’h is still head of the Vendée Globe on Sunday morning. The skipper of Banque Populaire is 422 miles ahead of Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss).

It is slow on Sunday morning, but his lead was so great that he can sleep soundly. Armel Le Cléac’h still dominates the Vendée Globe. The skipper of Banque Populaire passing through a windless zone and should see his 422 miles on Alex Thomson decrease in the coming hours.

Behind this duo, a new battle. Paul Meilhat (ADM) has taken third place from Beyou (Maître Coq) ; The two men still battle each other with just ten short miles separating them this morning. Same story a little further where the Elies-Dick, Le Cam trio sailing within sight. That night, the skipper of St Michel-Virbac is in fifth position but Elies has resumed well in the morning. just small differences is between Dick, sixth, and Le Cam (50 miles).

Mast in Three!

Stéphane of the Diraison had his mast break into three pieces yesterday. Scare for the bed of the Company skipper who sailed to Australia and logically lost a place in the standings. It is the Hungarian, Nador Fa, which includes the top 10.

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