Western France: Storms for the Weekend, up to 120 km/h Winds

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Storm warning for the weekend in Western France

The weekend will be very rough on Western France warns Meteo France. From Friday, very disturbed weather will affect a large part of the north of the country with rain, showers and a strong wind.

Strong gusts of wind should occur from the night of Saturday to mid-day on Sunday, sweeping a third of northwest France.

“The passage of a depression circulating around the UK during the night, and then along the Channel Sunday morning before hitting the North Sea in the afternoon. Very strong gusts are expected from the northwest quarter to the Belgian border, via the Ile-de-France ” says Meteo France.

The expected wind speeds are:

– 80 to 90 km/h or occasionally 100 km/h inland;

– 100 to 110 km/h on the coasts of the northwest quarter, locally 120 km/h on exposed headlands between southern Brittany and the Vendée coast.

Western France as well as most of the north of France is expecting storms this weekend
From Friday 18 November, a very disturbed weather will affect a large northern half of the country. | Computer graphics Visactu

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