Weather in the Lorient Area, Settled but Feeling Fresh

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The weekend weather for Lorient will be more pleasant but feel fresh

Here are the predictions for the weather in the area in and around Lorient.  With a cool fresh breeze, the sun returns. The weekend looks quiet in the sky of Lorient.

Strengthening the anticyclone centered over the UK will reject the disturbed flow on the central Atlantic


Mostly cloudy in the morning, the sky remains cloudy in the morning with brief light pierced, cumulus and high altitude clouds. At midday, the light more visible on the coastal edge, alternate with many cumulus. In the afternoon, the most generous sun on the coast and Lorient, made with medium altitude cumulus, more and more compact north of Guidel-axis-Lanester Kervignac.

Wind North is low to moderate (force 2-3, gusts 25-30 km/h, 40 km/h at Groix).  Beautiful sea. Low: 8 /9 degrees; High: 12 /13 degrees. Partly cloudy in the evening; moderate wind from the northeast; 8 degrees at 8pm; 7 degrees at midnight.


The morning will have low clouds moving towards a sunny morning with a misty appearance cumulus. At midday and in the afternoon, the anticyclone centered on the UK generates a generous sun alternating with hazy appearance cumulus. Arrival of high altitude sails the Northeast in late afternoon.

Wind northeast moderate (force 3) gusting 25-35 km/h (45 km/h at Groix) accentuating the feeling of freshness.  Low: 3/4 degrees; High: 10/11 degrees.  A Clear evening that will see the temperature drop to 5 degrees at 8pm and 3 degrees at midnight.


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