In one year, unemployment fell 3.9% in the Mayenne

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Unemployment in the Mayenne has fallen by 3.9% in the last year

The Mayenne had 10,730 job seekers Class A in late October 2016. The decline was 3.9% on year.

In late October 2016, there were 10,730 jobseekers registered in category A (unemployed for the month), in Mayenne. In one year, the number of job seekers in this category declined by 3.9%.

The improvement is also confirmed for the under 25 category A. In one year, the number of applicants fell by 13.4%. However, the figures are worse for more than 50 years in category A. For them, the increase is 2.8%.

This improvement is more marked at regional level. In a year, the category of job seekers Class A decreased 4.7%.

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