In Chateaubriant, the Marseillaise to commemorate 11th November

Local News
The official ceremony will be held November 11 at 11am at the war memorial in Chateaubriant.

Friday 11th November, the official commemoration ceremony on the 11th November, will be held at 11 am, at the war memorial in Chateaubriant.

See you this Friday, November 11, at 11 am at the war memorial for the official ceremony of commemoration. The flag bearers and a military detachment will be present.

Pupils from CM1 and CME Rene-Guy Cadou will call the dead of 1916. The choir marches of Brittany and the town band will sing La Marseillaise. Behind the monument, a reconstructed camp will be visible, from Friday 11th November to Saturday 12th, in mid-afternoon.

A memorial mass will precede the commemoration at 9.30 am, at St. Nicolas church, in Chateaubriant.

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