Brittany: The Robber Fled on Motorbike

Local News
In Brittany at Pluduno, a robber left by motorbike, after grabbing 100 euros

ROBBERY: The man whipped out a handgun …

An armed robbery took place on Saturday morning in the small Brittany town of Pluduno, halfway between Saint Malo and Lamballe (Côtes d’Armor), reported Ouest-France .

A hundred euros

While the manager was away, a man arrived by motorcycle in front of the store. Helmeted, he then broke into the shop. With a handgun, he threatened the shop assistant, who was alone in the store at the time, ordering him to hand over the cash. The helmeted man then fled by jumping on his motorcycle, leaving behind the shop assistant in a state of shock.

The police are looking for him. According to Ouest-France, the robber left with a hundred euros.

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