Laigne: A 25 year old Woman Dies Trying to Make a U-turn

Local News
A road accident at Laigne, killed the driver of the car, a 25 year old woman from Chateau-Gontier

A dramatic accident occurred on Monday 24th October at 10.30am, on the road from Chateau-Gontier to Craon. A young driver was killed after a collision with a truck while attempting a U-turn.

A fatal traffic accident occurred on Monday morning around 10.30am on the RD22, up to the town of Laigne (Mayenne).  A driver, aged 25, which was travelling between Château-Gontier and Craon, was doing a U-turn, turning around when she was hit by a Lorry.

The truck driver could do nothing to avoid the car. The young woman, who lived in Chateau-Gontier, was killed instantly.

The truck driver, aged 38 and originally from Saint-Berthevin is unharmed but shocked. He was taken to the hospital at Château-Gontier for a precautionary check over.

This latest accident brings to 16 the number of people killed on the roads of Mayenne since 1 stJanuary 2016.

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