Fuel prices continue to rise throughout France

Fuel prices in France have risen again

Prices of fuels sold in the French service stations continued to rise last week, in the wake of the rise in oil prices.

Most fuel sold in France, with approximately 80% of the volumes sold is diesel, which is currently being sold for 1.1403 euro per litre, up 2.59 cents from the previous week.  These figures come from the weekly report of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

A litre of unleaded petrol (SP95) was up 2.12 cent to 1.3207 euro from one week to another, while than SP95 containing 10% ethanol (SP95-E10) was increased by 2.01 cent to 1.2953 euro.

A litre of SP98 was has risen to 1.3761 euro, which is up 1.91 cent. 

The price of oil continued to benefit last week, support related to the agreement reached late September in Algiers by members of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) on a limitation of their production, which is yet to materialize.

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