Lego: The biggest ship in the world of bricks, in Calais

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A ship consisting of a million lego bricks to be displayed in Calais

“Jubilee Seaways” consists of a million little lego bricks, weighs nearly three tons and 12 metres …

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the Danish ferry company DFDS Seaways has involved all its employees in Europe to build the “Jubilee Seaways’, the largest ship in the world built with small lego bricks. The building, whose record size was certified by the Guinness Book of Records in Copenhagen in mid-August, will be exposed in the port of Calais on 9 September.

This will be his first exhibition in France, says La Voix du Nord . The boat, made of a million bricks assembled by a total of 7,000 people in 21 countries, is expected to draw large crowds. The ship is 12 metres long and weighs three tons, achieving Lego might not go unnoticed and already satisfies those who participated in its creation.

The largest Lego ship in the world

“We are very proud to have contributed to the construction of the” Jubilee Seaways “by involving our French teams. A lot of people wished to participate in the unique construction of the largest ship in the Lego world, whether onshore teams in Dieppe, Marseille, Paris and Calais, or like sailing teams “, told Jean-Claude Charlo, director DFDS Seaways General of France.

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