Lorient. The Fishing Port is Blocked from 4am this Morning

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Lorient. The Fishing Port is Blocked from 4am this Morning 1

At the call of the CGT, port staff have blocked access to the fishing port at Lorient since dawn on Wednesday morning.

Since 4 am Wednesday morning, answering the call of the local and departmental unions CGT, port staff block access to tankers at the fishing port at Lorient.

Burning tyre dams

Three dams of burning tyres were erected by the protesters on Avenue de la Perrière and Boulevard Jacques-Cartier, to block access to tankers to the port.

Protestors have set up burning Tyre dams to block the road to Lorient PortA renewable share

Protesters, who demand the repeal of the El-Khomri Act have planned to hold out all day and can announce the renewal of their action on Thursday, the national day of mobilization against the Labour Law. 

Protesters plan to block Lorient port all day, and possibly tomorrow

The activity little affected

Blocking does not interfere with the activity of the commercial port or loading food to the fishing port is still accessible. Only the oil depot is impacted with three tankers waiting inside. Carriers had anticipated the blockage.

The port of Lorient has been blocked since 4am

The blockade continues

At 8 am, the demonstrators, despite the rain, were still holding their position. They intend to remain in place until this evening to block truck access.

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