Labour law: #NuitDebout Protesters briefly Blocking Traffic to the Assembly

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Gathering of members of "#NuitDebout" May 3, 2016 before the National Assembly in Paris

Sixty demonstrators #NuitDebout movement blocked traffic for a few minutes before the National Assembly to show the deputies their opposition to labour law …



“Labour Law,  we want better than that”

Around 9:00, the protesters stormed the floor with a banner proclaiming “Loi travail on en veut pas #on vaut mieux que ça”, which is saying “Labour Law, we want better than that”.   They sat on the road, raising his hands in the air and chanting this slogan before giving way to motorists after a few minutes.

“It was at this time that MPs arrive and we want to challenge the symbolically put their responsibilities,” said AFP Loubna, commission member “action” of #NuitDebout, stressing the peaceful nature action. “We decided to do a sit-in 100% non-violent to show that there is but one does not seek to challenge. ”

“It’s been a month that is mobilized, we decided to extend our demonstration day and night against the labour law,” she said. She said the law is “the straw that broke the camel. Today, we must first win and this victory will be the withdrawal of this law, “she assured.

The highly contested bill arrives Tuesday before MPs for two weeks of examination pressure from the street. At noon, the protesters unions have planned a rally near the Assembly.

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