François Hollande Denounces the Violence in Rennes

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Francois Hollande has denounced the violence in Rennes

On an official visit to Nigeria, President of the Republic spoke about the situation in Rennes, plagued sensitive. François Hollande denounces the violence in Rennes …

Whilst on an official trip to Abuja, Nigeria, president Francois Hollande denounced the damage committed on Friday evening in the centre of Rennes by some 300 rioters. “No violence should be accepted” , said President of the Republic, when asked about the Rennes situation.  A large police presence was deployed in Rennes on Saturday to prevent the holding of a demonstration “against police violence”.  The prefecture fears a gathering of  “700 to 1000 thugs”, coming from different cities (Nantes, Brest, Caen, Paris) to vandalize and do battle with the forces of order.

“While it is necessary to ensure the protection of a number of events and to ensure that freedom, any violence is unacceptable precisely because it reaches of goods, people and more it mobilizes forces security today must be essentially devoted to the protection of our territory and our people face the threat of terrorism “ , added the head of state who participated on Saturday in a regional summit devoted to the fight against the Islamist group Boko Haram.

Terrorist threat still high

Just six months after the attacks of 13th November in Paris and Saint-Denis, Hollande reiterated that the terrorist threat“remains particularly high, particularly in Europe and France” .

“All the information and all the information we have suggests that there is still a high level of threat. This is why some of our military forces, 10,000 troops of Operation Sentinel, are arranged on the territory to protect not just the buildings but to protect the population and most of the police and gendarmerie should not be diverted from this task ” , he insisted.

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