“Encore un Soir”: Celine Dion will Release on 24th May, song tribute to René Angelil

Celine Dion is to release her new song on the 24th May

MUSIC: Fans will not have to wait for long for the new single from Celine Dion …

Fans have only a week to wait. “Encore un Soir”, the first single from the new French album of Celine Dion will be availableon the 24th May. The singer dedicated the song, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, to her husband, Rene Angelil, who died in January.

“During the treatments René received in Boston, I allowed myself to call Jean-Jacques Goldman. I told him: “This is a very delicate subject, someone who fights hard for his life.  This is the beginning of a new life..” He accepted immediately. It moved me tremendously. [It is not] a sad song. It’s about life, ” assured the artist, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles .

“Yes, I cry. Yes, I laugh “

In the interview with this Quebec television channel, Celine Dion says, “Yes, I cry. Yes, I laugh. Yes, I still have fun. Yes, it still hurts.”  But she is convinced: “I know René wants me to continue.”


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