Strasbourg: The First Starbucks of Grand Est, “it’s good for employment”

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Official opening of the Starbucks in Strasbourg

Official opening of the Starbucks, the first to Strasbourg …

Red carpet, over-motivated teams, leaders in well established discourse, Starbucks mechanical arrives Place Kléber.  The official inauguration took place here in the presence of its director Boulhadid Kamel, director Christopher Borgnis France but also from many elected as the deputy mayor Alain Fontanel or even the president of the Eurometropolis Robert Herrmann.

Everything is ready

If the public opening is scheduled for Friday morning 7 am, employees are ready and watch the final preparations. More than thirty people were trained in Paris, thirty others are ready for another Starbucks BK group (Kamel Boulhadid) which open in a fortnight in Mulhouse.


If the decoration does not look like other lounges with their comfy chairs and mismatched, it is only revenge and all rooms have their own decoration. The work was “made by Alsatian artisans” says Kamel Boulhadid who keeps secret the amount of its investment and dodging the hard questions , especially on recent controversies surrounding Starbucks. “I am a French company and I pay my taxes in France,”  he simply answered.

“A place of diversity”

The location, on two floors, can accommodate a little over fifty people. sleek but warm design, the show wants to “be a third place between work and home, a connected place in which to come only when his friends spend time in quiet and pleasant, explains Kamel Boulhadid. It is a place where communities mix, religions, where it shows that we can work together, an example of community life. ”

Two years to complete

It took two years of work at the BK group that already includes 53 restaurants and Starbucks group to mount this project. “We shopped the best location and we had to react very quickly. I love the brand and its values, and it is an adventure to develop, “said the businessman. The elected officials also loved the transaction, as Alain Fontanel is “came to greet the Alsatian success story of Kamel Boulhadid, a company that employment 1,000 people in France and 300 in Strasbourg. A big city, it is the diversity of supply and contributes to the attractiveness of the city. ”

Highly anticipated, there will be certainly a long queue on Friday 7 am to be among the first coffee lovers the first Starbucks Grand Est.

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