Le Mans: 24 H – Provisional Pole for the Suzuki Team April

The Suzuki of Team Motors Events April gets provisional Pole in the rain at Le Mans.

The first qualifying session was disrupted by rain.

The rain came uninvited during the first qualifying session for the 24 Hours motorbikes. On a very changeable but often wet track, competitors have not hit the headlines in the lap times.  Each sought to guard against falls but not to put to much stress and wear on the wet tyres that could be used again in the race.

In this complex exercise of qualifying, it is the Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle Team Motor Events April (Black / Fastré / Cudlin) which has shown the fastest cumulative time. They lead the FCC TSR Honda and the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team. In Stock category is also a Suzuki who pockets the provisional pole. The Junir Team LMS Suzuki set the fastest time. He beat the Yamaha of Team 3ART Yam’Avenue (Bulle / Pons / Trautmann) and Yamaha Yamaha Viltaïs Experience (Maurin / Salchaud / Depoorter / Nigon).

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