Nantes: Until the last moment, the Carnival can be Canceled

Local News
Nantes carnival Night will be postponed if protests continue into the night

In Nantes, the carnival night should begin at 9pm on Saturday, April 9th. But the carnival will not take any risks. They will turn around if the protest escalates.

This Saturday, April 9th, floats of the Nantes carnival should start parading from 9pm from the l’île gloriette.  But if the protest escalates in the afternoon, the carnival will turn around.  “We will not take any risks. Safety First “ added Damien Lemasson, Vice President of Nemo, the association that organizes the carnival in Nantes.  Until late afternoon, the carnival will be cancelled if the protest escalates.  “We are waiting to see how things will unfold. It progresses slowly and whether the City asks us to turn back, we walk away.  For now, we hope that protestors do not upset their plan.  We will keep to the same course and have the same effective security during the carnival day with 80 agents. Internally, opinions are divided. “We know very well that we will have less public, deplores Damien Lemasson. The event will dampen people, they will not take any risks. If it were cancelled, the parade would be postponed. This Saturday, at 9pm, departure from the l’île gloriette.

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