Music: L5 are back!

The French girl group, L5, are back with a series of concerts planned during the Summer

The group revealed in early 2000 by the Popstar show is back with two new members and a planned tour this summer.

“We are responding to a request of fans who follow us forever” , announces Coralie, a member of the L5 since 2001.  “We thought we had to do it, before it’s too late (laughs)! ”

The girl group, L5 areset to return for a series of summer concerts, which begin at Villers, Calvados, on 22nd July.  A second date is also planned in Saint-Victoret on the 19th August.

Two new members – Julie and Adeline

But L5 has evolved, to be called the New L5. The reason ?  Two of the original five members, Louisy Joseph and Claire, have decided not to continue withthe adventure, so they have been replaced by Julie and Adeline.   They will join the three remaining members Alexandra, Coralie and Marjorie.   “Although Louisy and Claire do not return, they agree with the project”, explains Coralie.

They will be produced by Jean-Luc Gouillard.  “On stage, we will resume our great standards”, continues Coralie.  Many titles have remained in the collective memory: ‘Toutes les femmes de ta vie’ , ‘Une étincelle’ or ‘encore Question de survie’.  In total, the Group sold 1.45 million albums.

« Toutes les femmes de ta vie » L5 par juanfrance

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