Rhône-Alpes: Several Departments Plagued by a Serious Outbreak of Chickenpox

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A chickenpoc epidemic appears to have hit several departments in France

HEALTH: Isere, Savoie and Haute-Savoie are most affected …

The region is one of five regional departments affected by the disease. According to the bulletin weekly Riverkeeper Network, published Wednesday, Rhône-Alpes is currently experiencing an outbreak of chickenpox, described as “moderate” by the observatory GPs.

The unevenly affected departments

This childhood disease , which results in the appearance of large red buttons and severe itching often accompanied by fever, raging unevenly on the regional territory. From the 11th to 17th April, the most numerous cases have been identified in Isère in the Drôme and Savoie.

In the Loire, chickenpox is also very present but the epidemic somewhat less virulent.  The Rhone and Haute-Savoie are very weakly affected and the Ardèche and Ain, children holidays have not been tarnished by the epidemic, according to the epidemiological bulletin.

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